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Growing up with two older sisters and my mom, hair care had a significant role in my childhood. All of us have very tightly curled thick hair. My mom somehow managed to maintain three full heads of hair through mostly braiding and sometimes straightening. At a very young age, me and my sisters were introduced to hair relaxers. Relaxers are when one uses chemicals to alter the pattern of one’s curl. The chemicals might make your hair feel a lot softer, but it comes at a cost. The process is quite painful and leads to hair loss. I know for me, my mom, my sisters, and countless other women with the same hair texture, we have heard loud and clear society telling us to keep our hair as small and flat as possible at any cost; that we are somehow less desirable because our hair grows towards the sky. As of recently, the curly/natural hair care industry has really expanded as more people begin to embrace their natural curly kinky hair. Products and services that actually improve the health and feel of this type of hair are being created for and by people with kinky curly hair. The Natural Hair Care Movement is a recent trend where women of African ancestry are urged to give up damaging their hair with heat and chemicals as a means of straightening, and embrace their natural kinky curly hair. Professional environments and workplaces often deem historically African hairstyles such as dreads, afros, and box braids as unkempt or unprofessional. But most importantly, the natural hair of many black women is seen as ugly, causing women of all ages with this specific hair texture to collectively spend exorbitant amounts of money on products that alter the texture through heat or extremely harsh chemicals. Furthermore, mainstream hair care companies like Head and Shoulders and Pantene specifically target and cater to women usually of European decent with thin and straight hair. There is so much room for beginner/self taught entrepreneurs to create their own brand in this industry. Many are able to get their start through social media such as YouTube and Instagram. If you have gone your entire life exploring the best ways to take care of and grow your natural hair, why not share/sell your knowledge with the world. In this blog, I plan to highlight the many entrepreneurs breaking the status quo and expanding the natural hair care community and industry. Hopefully inspiring more and more people to accept and love and appreciate their natural hair.

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Author: Asia

Singer/Actress/Academic Love finding new ways to care for and love my thick curly hair

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  1. “I also appreciate how social media such as Instagram and YouTube are huge advertisement vehicles for the natural hair care industry.”

    Hello Asia,
    I liked your post and I like that quote because I can relate to it in ways that I see some hair products being advertised on Facebook and that makes me to like and to follow some of them. They are very helpful especially to help people with knowing how to for examples treat their natural hair before and after braiding it.

    Great post

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