Is Natural Hair affordable?

The past few blogs have mainly highlighted smaller hair care businesses. Whether a smaller, lesser known brand like the concoctions that self made entrepreneurs sell on YouTube, or popular brands that are sold in major department chains like Target, the products and services sold in the natural hair industry are no doubt expensive. That said, black women have in general had a history of spending a ton of money on hair. Whether it be on weaves, wigs, shampoos, curl creams, black women invest a lot of money into their hair, causing the industry to continuously grow exponentially. Major hair care lines such as Pantene, Dove, and Suave have recently recognized the growth and potential of this industry and have adapted by either using ingredients in their products that are also used in black hair care products such as being sulfate free and incorporating shea butter, creating new products that are supposed to cater specifically to black people, for example, Pantene has a gold series and uses black models and models of color to advertise it, or these major brands will buy out smaller hair care companies that have already been catering to black people’s natural hair. Everyone wanting in on the ever-growing natural hair care industry has caused a lot of tension between small homegrown businesses and major hair care lines. With the variety of hair care businesses within this industry, one might wonder how owners decide on pricing for their multitude of prices. According to my textbook titledĀ Entrepreneurship The Practice and MindsetĀ by Heidi M. Neck, Christopher P. Neck, and Emma L. Murray, there are multiple ways to value a product. When the natural hair care industry was still in its early stages of growth in the early 2000’s and there weren’t many competitors, many owners could probably use skimming as a way of pricing. I would imagine today that a lot of natural hair care products are priced through competition-led pricing because usually the brands I see in stores are all in the same range which is about from $10 to $15 depending on the product. I also believe that in the natural hair care community, there is a lot of value-based pricing where the products price depends on how much value it has to the customer. Buying these high end natural hair care products has a plethora of benefits for its consumers involving the quality and health of their hair.

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