Natural Hair and Entrepreneurship

So the concept for my blog came to me when scrolling through Youtube videos. In my free time, I am always watching videos on hair care, looking for new home remedies and products for long, healthy, thick, and curly hair. There is a whole community of mostly female identifying people creating videos and sharing routines and home remedies for taking care of their hair. One day I came across a channel called Curly Proverbz. I believe the woman who runs the channel is Afro Latina and she has this beautiful long thick curly hair that looks so healthy. Her secret to growing and retaining the length of her hair was developed through research in Aryuvedic remedies. In the United States, Aryuveda is considered as alternative medicine. The concept has its origins in India, but it is practiced all over the world. Essentially, it is the process of becoming the best version of your earthly self through the use of different herbs and natural ingredients, meditation, and prayer. Curly Proverbz focuses on the herbs and natural ingredients used in the Aryuveda process. These ingredients have been proven to dramatically stimulate hair growth and retention. Through this research she managed to create her own concoction of oils and herbs that helped her hair to grow amazingly long and thick. Even though all the ingredients of the concoction are known and accessible to her followers, she still manages to sell her own bottles of the mixture and has even created her own company. I told this story because I feel like it is entrepreneurship in one of it’s simplest forms. She was able to identify an issue which was women of color having a hard time growing long healthy hair. She mentioned how she had observed that most of the hair used in the synthetic hair industry is from Indian. Indian and other east Asian women have been growing thick, long hair for centuries. Yes part of it was genetics, but through research, she would soon discover that the key to that luscious hair was in the process of taking care of it. Some other favorite curly hair youtubers who have used their YouTube for business opportunities include: Lipstickncurls, Shimahair21, and Snoblife. I also appreciate how social media such as Instagram and YouTube are huge advertisement vehicles for the natural hair care industry. It is such a community, it is so easy to find reviews on products and it makes the businesses and services of this industry feel so much more personable.

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