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Yetunde Jude is founder of a natural hair care line called Yelani All Natural Collection. She is also the author of The Black Hair Care Revolution – A Simple Pocket Guide to Growing and Maintaining Natural and Permed Hair. She is an upcoming and very notable entrepreneur and inventor in this industry. There are countless interviews on the web about her work and daily life and she even has an article on her on the Forbes website. Jude was always interested in hair care and from a very young age, she learned a bunch of different home remedies to condition her hair from her mom. She had observed how multiple African American women would stop to ask her how she kept her hair so soft. Then she identified the problem. Many African American women desired softer, more manageable hair, but did not have the means or knowledge to achieve these goals. After seeing the impact her advice had on Black women’s’ self esteem, with a charitable heart, she started out with a website and then a book full of tips on how to care for kinky curly hair in its natural state and when it was chemically processed. Later on, she began to create her own products. Jude claims that all of her products are plant based, even the preservatives. When asked how she stays true to her brand, Jude is sure to mention how Yelani only works with companies that share the same vision and values, which I believe is an important note for all aspiring entrepreneurs. The Forbes article had mentioned how the most important challenge for startup businesses is appealing to investors. In relationship to my blog, this made me curious about how much hardship was faced in this step by aspiring natural hair entrepreneurs. I could imagine some push back by investors on the lines of race. When I think investors, I think older white people. So, how does a business model with products and services specifically for and by mostly women of color convince investors to commit? I would imagine the lack of being relatable would make it more difficult to attract investors. That being said, my guess would be that even a business that says its products are for women of color with kinky curly hair can still be useful to other hair types. Jude says all of her products are plant based and all natural, so I cannot imagine any products in the line having the ability to damage any hair type, because although hair on black people is usually thick and course, it is by far the most sensitive to damage and breakage. All in all. The work of this young African American mother is nothing short from inspiring. I am sad to say I have never tried this product though. I did look at the prices of some of the products on Amazon and it is safe to say as a “broke college student”, I can definitely not afford to try these products. Maybe one day in the near future. But that experience might have just inspired my next blog post. Why are most of the products and services involved with the Natural Hair Care Industry so expensive?

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